Arm Nerve Injury Update

I visited the Mayo Clinic this morning for a checkup on my arm since I've had some muscle activity over the last month or so. We got some definite indication that the transplanted nerves are functioning in the arm. It was wierd when he pinch squeezed my bicep area and it actually felt like he was clamping my left chest area cause thats where the nerves were transplanted from. Wow!  So now just the waiting game for those nerves to make the muscle function and then the arm move.  I do a routine every day where i breathe in heavy and hold to tighten those chest muscles because that fires the nerves that are now in the arm.  Over time they can be re-trained and the brain will also be re-trained to use those nerves for arm function and sensation. 

They also gave me more therapy ideas to keep the nerves active and begin to get more muscle movement. Dr. Shin thinks its at a point that I will start to see more activity very soon and he seamed confident I will get some arm function with time. He said sometimes it comes sooner, sometimes later, and he thinks I'll be in the middle somewhere. So overall pretty positive, nerves just take time. Keep on keepin on! Thanks again for all the prayers!

Also, Saturday Dec 11th at 7:07 pm at New Bridges Community Church on 8th St. in Lewiston, come see the actual HD video footage of the avalanche on big screens and hear the accident and recovery experience from my shoes as I share the story from the microphone. Also, see the snowmobile that was in the avalanche as my Arctic Cat M1000 turbo will be on display. If you're not comfortable in church, dont worry, it wont be a "churchy" event. We are using the New Bridges facility cause it's a great setup and all the sound and video equipment is in place. Hope to see you there!  More info in "Upcoming Events"



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