Gear Up & Climb!



Three types of people in this world….crawlers, coasters, and Climbers.

Climbers know that character develops, not in the calm of base camp, but in the howling winds of adversity. Under normal conditions, you might be good, but you'll never be great.

David Foster


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Authored by: Comes on Sunday, July 01 2012 @ 10:30 AM PDT Gear Up & Climb!
so you hate him just because he is a bad actor, do you even know him? If you don't know him you can't say that you hate him can you now?But I do agree with you about the wrtries making him look like an idiot, I like it when he acts cooler, like when rory had just been killed, but for some reason the wrtries think it's funny when he behaves like an idiot, I totally agree with you about that.
Authored by: Anzac on Tuesday, July 03 2012 @ 02:04 AM PDT Gear Up & Climb!
Barbara Flewelling - Dear Lori .. Thank you so much for these beautiful preiutcs that capture the love of Meghan and Matt . as seen from the eyes of Meghan's grandmother! You are right. These two are very special, and my love for Meghan is very large and has been for a long time . ever since she was born! And now I am blessed with beautiful Matt, and his love for her. I look forward to seeing what you will do for them in preiutcs from their wedding!Most appreciatively . Barbara Flewelling, North Port, Florida.