Selfless is word we rarely hear anymore. We live in world that magnifies self, encourages self, promotes self, builds self up. I do believe that self confidence is important...confidence is the companion of success. Its important to be confident in who you are. The imbalance comes when increasing what you are take precedence over developing who you are. We get caught up in getting another promotion, buying a bigger home, driving a nicer car, increasing our social status, building SELF, often at the expense of those we love and care about the most. We turn around and see the collateral damage left in our path that we completely overlooked as we were forging ahead to reach the next goal. Here's the bottom line...many times we don't necessarily have to change what we do, but instead “why” we do it. If its all about “me”, the focus is on what I don't have and need to gain. When we shift the spotlight to others, it becomes about what we do have and need to give. Stop zooming in on WHAT you do and focus on WHY you do it. Don't build a kingdom of self...In the process of living a successful life, as most of us desire, build a kingdom of family, meaningful relationships, memories that last forever, live for something bigger than you. Its stressful to try to keep everything within your control, I've been there. Let Go, and Let God...become selfless and live for Him and watch it transform your life.

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Matt Potratz