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Look Closer

"Never judge a man by how he deals with success.  Only how he deals with failure."


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Update On Spinal Setback

The nuerological setback is still making it pretty difficult.  I'm functioning and able to write, speak at events, and take care of my boys but at times my balance and coordionation has caused me to fall, sometimes hard falls.  So, I''ve sent my records to a nuerologist in CouerDAlene, Idaho and will meet with him May 25th to dig a little deeper and find the cause of the regression.  Please pray that God gives us direction.  Thanks!

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Adversity is Not an Option

"Let’s face it.  Adversity is not an optional item on life’s menu.  If you breathe air, open your eyes, and tackle this thing we call life, you’re going to face adversity.

A proper response to adversity on the other hand, is optional."

-Matt Potratz-

Why do we doubt the capability of a God who can make a brown cow eat green grass and produce white milk?


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Quote of the Day

React or Respond? If you React to life's circumstances, you allow the circumstance to affect you. When you Respond, you affect the circumstance.
Matt Potratz