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 I'm almost 7 years into my recovery and still healing!  I now hike when I can and my longest hike is 10 miles! Doctors weren't sure I'd ever walk from the house to my car and now God has blessed me to do the unthinkable!  Keep on keepin on!


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I'm consistently getting stronger and more energetic.  I'm continuing to walk as much as the weather allows.  My balance and gait have made huge gains and it feels like its still on a slow, but sure, upswing.  I've had a ton of time with my boys and its going quite well!  I can still be dad, still travel and speak, still encoursage and mentor.  I'm a new man, but still able to be Matt!  :-)

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A few weeks ago, I decided I was ready to walk a mile. I set the trip meter on my truck and mapped a loop around my neighborhood and this is my 4th week walking a mile 3 times a week! At first it was a struggle but I felt better today than I have yet and set my time record at 32 minutes!  I'll keep lengthening my strides and trimming that time!  This recovery process isn't over until they put me in a box and cover me with dirt! :-)

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