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Finally the breakthrough!

Recovery Updates

It's the end of April 2012, a little over a year since my neurological setback & a couple months past the 3 year mark since my avalanche:  Finally, the last 3 or 4 weeks have been positive as I've made strides of improvement in my walking and balance issues from the setback!  At therapy, I do whats called "single limb stance", where I balance on my most affected leg with nothing else holding me.  At the height of the setback, 6 to 8 seconds was a good day. Yesterday, I stood for 46 seconds!  My next goal is 60 plus.  My left leg motor still fights me a little but my strides are getting smoother and I can spend a ton more time on my feet before fatigue sets in. 


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Spinal Setback Update

Recovery Updates

There is still a lot of uncertainty as it's difficult to diagnose something that won't show up on the scans.  What we are thinkin now is additional cell death along the perimeter of my spinal cord.  There are cells that were killed off in the original injury leading to the need for rehab from wheelchair, to cane, to walking.  It's likely that additional cells were damaged and hung on initially, but their life span was shortened.  Those cells may now be calling it quits.  It's not yet been confirmed.  I'm in the process of getting my records to neurologists at University of Washington Medical near Seattle.  I want to be sure we get some good eyes on it and look at treatment options.  

Update On Spinal Setback

Recovery Updates

The nuerological setback is still making it pretty difficult.  I'm functioning and able to write, speak at events, and take care of my boys but at times my balance and coordionation has caused me to fall, sometimes hard falls.  So, I''ve sent my records to a nuerologist in CouerDAlene, Idaho and will meet with him May 25th to dig a little deeper and find the cause of the regression.  Please pray that God gives us direction.  Thanks!