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Recovery Updates

AWESOME NEWS from yesterday at the pool!  I've been putting my left arm (bad arm) up on a small backboard to let it float on the surface and try to move it without the resistance.  No luck the first day but yesterday I could let it float out a little and then PULL IT BACK!  I did it a dozen or more times and even lightly bounced the backboard off my body a few times!  It was such a good feeling to see my arm MOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME since the accident!  We'll watch it closely tomorrow to try to clarify which muscles are actually firing to make it happen. The recent MRI showed really no change from before so nothing to explain the weakness.  The injury is definitely significant but it always has been.  I have a nerve test on the left arm next week to narrow down the problem.  But, the good news is I've at least hit the plateau and don't feel it is getting any worse.  So now it's time to get it all back and then some!  I started Pool therapy and added a day of Physical therapy so two days a week I'm going PT, Gym, then the Pool all back to back.  The pool has already helped a ton with balance and range of motion in the leg.   

Attitude is Altitude!  Crack open the throttle and Climb On!


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Little Setback

Recovery Updates

I've had some regression in my spinal injury over the last few weeks.  I'm losing significant strength and coordination in my right hand, my good hand, and some struggle with left leg motor and balance as well.  Have a spinal MRI tomorrow, January 25, to see if we can pinpoint the problem.  Results soon.

Arm Nerve Injury Update

Recovery Updates

I visited the Mayo Clinic this morning for a checkup on my arm since I've had some muscle activity over the last month or so. We got some definite indication that the transplanted nerves are functioning in the arm. It was wierd when he pinch squeezed my bicep area and it actually felt like he was clamping my left chest area cause thats where the nerves were transplanted from. Wow!  So now just the waiting game for those nerves to make the muscle function and then the arm move.  I do a routine every day where i breathe in heavy and hold to tighten those chest muscles because that fires the nerves that are now in the arm.  Over time they can be re-trained and the brain will also be re-trained to use those nerves for arm function and sensation.