"Never Let Go"



Man down!  When the snow settled the group pulled out their avalanche beacons and flipped the switch from transmit to search leaving only one beacon in transmit, Matts beacon.  They spread out searching frantically and the beacons pointed them quickly in the right direction.  They found him and unburied him but he was busted up bad and unconscious.  They got a helicopter in route and flew a nearly dead Matt to St Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise, Idaho.

Upon arrival, doctors found that multiple injuries including a broken neck and head trauma had put his body in a state of coma.  Twice his family was faced with the reality that he was most likely not going to live and he remained in coma for nearly a month.  It was extremely hard on Matts dad to face the possibility of losing a son and in his case, a good friend too.  As his oldest son, Matt had often stepped up as a leader and example for his brothers and his dad grew to respect that.  As he became a young man, he and his dad developed a very unique friendship and it's still stronger than ever today.


By the healing hand of God, Matt finally woke from coma but when out, many hours of rehab were needed. He was hospitalized for 88 days straight before returning home.  Matt says his brother, best friend, and riding partner Jon became his biggest fan.  He worked in the Wyoming Natural Gas fields 10 days on, 5 days off. He drove from Wyoming to Boise every 10 days to spend every one of his days off by his big brothers side for 3 months.  He pushed Matt to climb mountains he had never had to climb before and to "Never Let Go" of the hope of a full recovery.

After returning home, 4 additional in-patient hospital visits for 2 major surgeries were needed to get him where he is today.  Today, after 8 in-patient visits to 5 major hospitals in 5 different cities in the nation for 5 surgeries, 17 MRI's, 4 CT scans, and many other procedures, Matt is back on his feet, back on a snowmobile one-handed, and most importantly back to being dad.  His left arm suffered severe nerve damage at his spinal cord and is currently paralyzed but there is hope for some function as the nerves regenerate from a nerve transplant surgery.

Matt is learning every day to live life without two hands. He can still love his boys and invest in their lives, interact with people, and even get out on a snowmobile on occassion.  He broke many bones in his body and physically he’ll never be the same, but it didn’t break his spirit.  He comments "I’m living life again, healing more every day and I’m not done fighting." 'It’s always the final few steps of a journey that create an arrival'. I havn't arrrived yet.  God 'Never Let Go of me', I 'Never Let Go' of life and this journey isn’t over.  The sun always shines after the rain."

For more details on his amazing recovery battle, he looks forward to meeting you at one of his events.  Watch the “Upcoming Events” calendar here on the website.  Also, read about all the gripping moments in this life-changing fight and the poweful lessons learned along the way in his book “Two Hands”. See more in the “Read My Book” tab.

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