Its the title of chapter 10 in my book and the name of my corporation:


212 degrees is the boiling point of water. We’ve all watched it happen as water goes from still to rumbling when it reaches that threshold. When we take a closer look, there is real significance at that moment.
That boiling point is a transformation point. The water is transformed from calm and still, to boiling, and things start to happen.

Take me to 212! When I speak and look out across an attentive crowd that’s soaking in the message, I want to stay on the verge of boiling! It’s not about Matt anymore, and if it becomes about me, I want to go right back to boiling. Humility has become one of my most valuable attributes and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If it’s all about me, the focus is on what I don’t have and need to gain. When I shift the spotlight to others, I focus on what I do have and need to give.

Water won't boil at 211 degrees, it boils at 212.  Sometimes the willingness to push it one extra degree makes all the difference! Your boiling point might take you past 212, but embrace it, knowing that you’ll experience more transformation, more strength. We don’t look strong because we found a way to avoid adversity. We find strength we never thought possible when we face it head on and don’t fail, but prevail.

-Matt Potratz-


Matt Potratz